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Cardiology Medical Billing Services

For healthcare providers, Cardiology billing and coding can be complex territory. There are hundreds of Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes used in cardiology medical billing. These codes cover a wide range of procedures and services, including diagnostic tests, surgical procedures, consultations, and more. The exact number of CPT codes within the cardiology specialty will vary over time as new codes are introduced or existing codes are revised or removed.

At Atlantic RCM Inc, we understand that accurate and compliant coding and billing is essential to your bottom line. Additionally, we understand that that services must be medically necessary to warrant billing and we take great care in staying up to date in industry policies and procedures surrounding cardiology services.

Expertise in Cardiology Billing

Our team of certified coders and Medical billing coding Service specialists possesses extensive experience in cardiology billing. We stay abreast of the latest updates in cardiology coding guidelines, ensuring accurate code selection and proper documentation to maximize reimbursement while minimizing compliance risks. Whether it's billing for diagnostic procedures, interventional services, electrophysiology studies, or implantable devices, we have the expertise to navigate the complexities of cardiology billing with precision and efficiency.

Consolidated List of Cardiology CPT Codes

  • 92920-92998 - Therapeutic Cardiovascular Services and Procedures

  • 93000-93153 - Cardiography Procedures

  • 93150-93153 - Phrenic Nerve Stimulation System

  • 93224-93278 - Cardiovascular Monitoring Services

  • 93279-93298 - Implantable, Insertable, and Wearable Cardiac Device Evaluations

  • 93303-93356 - Echocardiography Procedures

  • 93451-93598 - Cardiac Catheterization Procedures

  • 93600-93662 - Intracardiac Electrophysiological Procedures/Studies

  • 93668-93668 - Peripheral Arterial Disease Rehabilitation

  • 93701-93790 - Non-invasive Physiologic Studies and Procedures

  • 93792-93793 - Home and Outpatient International Normalized Ratio (INR) Monitoring Services

  • 93797-93799 - Other Cardiovascular Procedures

  • E&M services, as appropriate, with necessary modifier when conducted above and beyond procedures for testing and function or as part of assessment services

  • Other diagnostic Imaging / Nuclear Medicine and Lab services, as appropriate

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management

From charge capture to denial management, we offer end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions tailored to the specific needs of cardiology practices. Our comprehensive services include:

1. Charge Capture Optimization: We employ advanced technology and rigorous processes to ensure all billable services are accurately captured, coded, and submitted for reimbursement promptly.

2. Claims Submission and Management: Our team meticulously reviews claims for accuracy and compliance before submission, minimizing the risk of denials and delays. We leverage electronic claims submission and follow up diligently to expedite reimbursement.

3. Coding Compliance: With a deep understanding of cardiology-specific coding guidelines (CPT, ICD-10, and HCPCS Level II), we ensure precise code assignment and documentation to support medical necessity and compliance with payer requirements.

4. Revenue Optimization: Through strategic analysis and reporting, we identify opportunities to optimize revenue, reduce revenue leakage, and enhance overall financial performance for cardiology practices.

5. Denial Management and Appeals: In the event of claim denials or rejections, our team conducts thorough investigations, files appeals, and implements corrective actions to minimize revenue loss and expedite payment recovery.

6. Patient Billing and Support: We offer transparent and patient-friendly billing solutions, including statement generation, payment processing, and responsive customer support to address patient inquiries and concerns promptly.

Atlantic RCM Inc offers a full suite of services to help cardiology practices and facilities manage their revenue cycle operations. We offer end-to-end solutions, including charge entry, billing, accounts receivable follow-up, payment posting, denial management and coding. You value your time; we value your bottom line. Let us help you manage your RCM operations so you can get back to your patients.

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