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Medical billing and coding are a challenging and time-consuming task for most healthcare practices. The process requires skilled manpower to ensure that the billing is accurate, and the coding is streamlined. When the process is undertaken by experts, the chances of errors are minimal, thus ensuring an efficient reimbursement to the doctors and medical practices. Today, more and more medical practices and healthcare providers outsource their medical billing requirements to experts, while they focus on their core work.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing & Coding

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing & Coding

Optimize Revenue : Timely submission and increased reimbursements increase the inflow of revenue. Every year, medical practices lose out on a considerable amount of revenues due to delayed submissions and claim denials. Outsourcing to a competent medical billing company leads to increased revenues at minimum efforts.

Fewer Errors : Error-free submissions result in reduced claim rejections and denials. Most outsourcing teams work round the clock looking into the nuances of each claim, monitoring the progress at each stage.

Reduced labor cost : An In-house billing and documentation could mean more labor and operational costs in terms of staff- their salaries, hiring, training, and turnover costs. Outsourcing medical billing related tasks can save a lot of unnecessary costs.


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Save on logistical and capital expenses : An efficient billing system requires office space, computers, and expensive software, and regular upgrades on the software. Outsourcing work to qualified companies helps save on a lot of money that would otherwise be used as logistical costs and expensive software and hardware.

Focus on your core business : Outsourcing monotonous and repetitive tasks of billing and claim submissions to a billing company enables the medical practitioners to devote more time to their core business - to take better care of the patients. Healthcare providers have more time to engage with their patients, thereby building a long-lasting doctor-patient relationship.

Qualified and dedicated specialists : Outsourcing allows medical practitioners to have access to a highly-trained and qualified workforce. Many outsourcing teams exclusively focus on improving and maintaining the financial position of its clients’ practice.

Keep up with the changing healthcare regulations : Healthcare regulations frequently change. These changes have an extensive bearing on the payment outcomes and claim denials of the healthcare providers. Keeping track of the ever-changing industry regulations can be an overwhelming task that can be taken care of by the outsourcing companies.

Adherence to compliance standards : When an outsourcing medical billing company talks about compliance standards, it means it follows a systematic practice to perform the tasks. Following the HIPAA, SSAE, and NIST regulations ensure that there are no frauds, and transparency and confidentiality maintained at all levels/actions.

Using Atlantic RCM billing and collection services is a pain-free process that gives your practice ample time to concentrate on your core business. Atlantic RCM’s team of experts keeps the billing flowing effectively. We ensure the timely submission of bills, getting payments faster, and with minimal expense. Atlantic’s sole purpose is to get the bills together for maximum efficiency. We have the knowledge and tools to reduce errors while ensuring a meticulous and expeditious submission of claims and bills. If you would like to know more about how our billing and revenue management service can benefit your medical practice, Click/LINK.