What billing services do you offer?

We have over 22 years of experience in the field of medical billing and services. Our services are comprehensive and cover all the requirements for hospitals, ER rooms, and physicians' clinics. Visit our services page for details on each of our unique services.

What do your medical billing and coding specialists do?

We hire the best medical billers and coders professionals with the desired knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry. Our team is responsible for processing and managing the insurance claims on the behalf of our clients. The team offers an end to end support starting with keeping a track of the correct codes using our proprietary software to timely submission and follow-ups for the claim. Our team works tirelessly to ensure the reimbursements come timely and maximized.

What regulatory compliances do you cover?

We pay utmost importance to compliances and regulations. We comply with the HIPAA regulations at all times. We ensure systems are secure. We train our staff to stay abreast with any regulatory changes, and make swift changes if needed.

What specialties do you cover from a billing standpoint?

Our medical coders and billing experts have the desired experience working work with almost all medical specialties, including Mental Health and physical therapy. The billing needs of each specialty can be very different, reach us to know more about our work in your specific specialty.

Would I have one go-to person if I sign up with Atlantic RCM?

When you choose to outsource your medical billing and coding process to Atlantic RCM, we assign a dedicated account manager who is your single point of contact. While our billing specialists assist with all your medical billing needs the account manager ensures everything is timely and answers your queries/promptly resolves issues.

How much does availing of your services cost?

We understand that your practice is unique and so is the effort involved in medical billing and coding. We offer competitive pricing, without compromising in quality. Our investments in technology help us offer the best services at minimal rates. Our pricing is honest, transparent with no hidden charges or setup costs. We aim to improve productivity, for your practice by reducing costs and addressing revenue leakages. Reach us to get a pricing plan customized to your requirements.

How do I get started with outsourcing my billing and coding needs to you?

You can reach us in multiple ways. Call us on 1234567890. Our specialists will understand your requirements and walk you through the process. Alternatively, drop an email to sales@atlanticrcm.com, and we will get in touch with you at the earliest.

What is the turnaround time that I can expect?

Our team works hard so you don't have to wait. We have one of the shortest turnaround time of 12 - 24 hours based on your need.

Do you have the capacity to handle large volumes of data?

Yes. Our investment in proprietary technology enables us to work with large data sets/records in parallel. Our team has the know-how and experience of handling both, small and large volumes.

How quickly can Atlantic start billing for me?

After a service agreement is in place, Atlantic can get to work immediately. Before Go-Live, the practice or provider must be properly credentialed and fully enrolled with the desired insurance carriers. Once these carriers process the enrollment form(s), typically onboarding takes about 30 days, Atlantic will begin sending claims to those insurances.

How do we get our information to you to bill?

You can share your information to Atlantic in the following ways :
>> Scan and submit through our secure server.
>> Secure e-mail
>> Fax the documents to us.

How often should we send our new billing to you?

As often as you choose to! We personally recommend, however, that our clients send us their new billing consistently on either a daily or weekly basis.

How Quickly do you submit my claims?

Your claims are submitted within 24-48 hours

Do we have to report the insurance payments received in our office to you?

Yes! It is vital to your practice that we receive this information, so that we can enter the insurance carrier's payments and generate the necessary patient statements for those accounts which still may have a balance due.

How do we report payments received from our patients, for both co-payments and patient billing?

You can easily report a patient's co-payment, made at the time of service, on their superbill for that day.
A payment log also enables you to report all payments received in your office, through mail/Credit Card/Check. If you do not already use this payment log, we can custom design one for you.
You can also report all of the patient's payments, received in the mail by making a copy of the check and attaching it to their patient statement remittance (if returned) and scan them to us on daily basis.

What can be done about my old receivables?

Atlantic re-files your old receivables and has great success collecting from previously denied claims. We have many physicians that are totally committed to Atlantic because of our ability to collect on old claims using our proprietary software swiftly where others had failed.

What kind of reports do you provide to monitor my accounts?

Atlantic provides a comprehensive list of monthly reports. We can also provide you with custom reports at any time during the month. Please feel free to reach us for a more detailed list of reports what we are delivering.

What are the most common 7 reasons for rejection?

1. Duplicate Claim
2. Eligibility Related Rejections
3. Payer ID Missing or Invalid
4. Provider NPI Missing or Invalid
5. Diagnosis code Invalid or not effective on Service Date
6. Procedure code Invalid
7. Claim Frequency Code
8. ZIP code
These reasons may lead to or result in delay in payment or identification as an abusive biller.

What are all the Specialties Atlantic can do billing?

Atlantic is one of the leading multi-specialty medical billing companies that serves 25+ major medical billing specialties. Our experts work across your practice in billing, collections and account receivables management, to help you succeed. Our billing staff has extensive knowledge in the following medical billing specialties :
Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC)
Anesthesia / Pain Management
Behavioral Health / Psychiatry
Community Health
Emergency Room
Family Practice / Primary Care
General Surgery
Geriatric Care
Hematology & Oncology / Radiation Oncology
Imaging Centers / Radiology
Internal Medicine
Nursing Home/SNF
Orthopedic Surgery
Otolaryngology (ENT)
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Pulmonary Medicine