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Insurance Eligibility Verification

Insurance eligibility verification is the first and the most integral step in the medical billing and coding process. Studies indicate that most denials occur due to inadequate and unclear insurance coverage information. This in turn directly impacts the revenue flow for the healthcare firm. Hence, insurance eligibility verification becomes an indispensable process that requires the services of professional industry experts. A quick and robust Insurance eligibility verification mechanism can give you and your practice an extra edge against the competition.

Insurance verification service is a process of verifying the patient’s active medical insurance benefit coverage with the insurance company. A piece of clear information will prevent adverse billing issues. We, at Atlantic, can help you understand and confirm your patient’s insurance details even before they come to visit you for their treatments.

Atlantic’s skilled, dedicated team has extensive knowledge and experience in providing a well-defined process to confirm the coverage details for the accuracy of claims. Our comprehensive insurance verification services focus on having fewer denials and avoiding claim reimbursement delays. Atlantic’s end-to-end patient benefit verification services boost the healthcare firm’s revenues, save their cost and time, and enhances patient satisfaction.

Atlantic has the experience of working with different healthcare firms and follows a detailed and streamlined medical insurance verification process. Our insurance eligibility verification process starts right when the patient approaches the healthcare provider to avail of medical treatment. Our stringent quality checks evaluate for errors and inconsistencies before claims submissions. Atlantic’s thorough follow-up on the patient’s account ensures we receive the claim reimbursements, appeals, or any missing information for billing. Our verification process maintains a high level of accuracy at all times and maintains communication with the client until the paperwork completion and final submissions.

Choosing the right medical insurance eligibility verification partner for your firm is important to augment higher reimbursements and have a positive revenue cycle. Our elaborate and precision-based process will streamline your benefit verification process and help you focus on your business.

Here’s how you can benefit by partnering with Atlantic RCM

A highly experienced and successful team at Atlantic delivers the best Insurance Verification services to fulfill the requirements of healthcare providers of all sizes. Here are the benefits that you will enjoy when you outsource your patient eligibility verification and benefit verification to the Atlantic.

Comprehensive insurance eligibility information :
Atlantic follows a stringent process of thoroughly analyzing all the documents and verifying the insurance coverage of patients with primary and secondary payers.

Comprehensive patient eligibility information

High Accuracy

High Accuracy :
Atlantic’s rich experience and expertise expedite the client’s revenue cycle process. Our expertise in medical billing and insurance verification ensures smooth and faster claim processing.

Stringent quality checks :
Atlantic undertakes regular quality check protocols to evaluate any types of errors during the entire patient eligibility verification process and takes utmost care to avoid repeating these errors to have a streamlines insurance verification service.

Stringent quality checks

Extensive training

Extensive training :
Our team of experts undergoes regular training to get acquainted with the latest insurance changes and to stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

Data security :
We follow the highest data security protocols to ensure that all your medical billing data stays safe with us at all times. Our security systems are equipped with necessary firewalls and other encryption techniques to prevent any data leakage.

Data security

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance :
Atlantic adheres to rigid compliance and regulatory protocols. Our verification and documentation process is HIPAA compliant.

Cost-effective services :
Atlantics assures a high-quality service at all times at cost-effective rates. We work closely with our clients to save their overhead costs and maximize revenues.

Cost-effective services

Atlantic has successfully delivered insurance verification services for 600+ clients. Contact us to know about our best practices.

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